In cooperation with other universities including Chiba University and Tokyo Medical and Dental University, researches in 6 sections (forensic pathology, clinical forensic medicine, forensic toxicology, forensic odontology, forensic genetics, and forensic radiology) have proceeded.

1. Forensic Pathology

In autopsy, it is difficult to examine a vertebral artery. We therefore conduct study on an assessment of the artery using angioscopy. We also perform angiography using 3D-CT to assess coronary arteries and vertebral-basilar system. In addition, we conduct research on lipid peroxidation in the blood or tissues in cases of stimulant intoxication and crash syndrome.

2. Clinical Forensic Medicine

Clinical forensic medicine is an academic field dealing with medico-legal assessment of the injuries of the living victims, co-operating with other clinical medicine departments. This academic field also deals with the prevention of the accidents from the forensic cases reviews of preventable deaths. At present, we are performing  child death reviews for prevention of the accidental deaths collaborating with pediatric physicians. As a part of our research, we are joining in the Society of Child Death Review in Chiba Prefecture, collaborating with Chiba University.

3. Forensic Toxicology

Using LC/MS/MS and LC/QTOF-MS the methods to detect illegal drugs are investigated. We also conduct study on the post-mortem redistribution of some drugs by experiments using animals. We try to figure out the standardized method of drug testing in the field of Japanese forensic medicine.

4. Forensic Odontology

We try to develop a new method of age estimation, DNA testing, and drug analysis using just a single tooth.

5. Forensic Genetics

We try to find gene alterations that cause a sudden death of an individual. We also try to figure out new methods to predict the birth place of the cadaver by analyzing the DNA types of parasites.

6. Forensic Radiology and Imaging

Using CT images, we investigate the feasibility of stature, sex, and age estimation based on the measurements of va
rious bones.We investigate the merit and demerit of post-mortem imaging to determine the cause of death.